7 Days a Skeptic
Release Date July, 2004
Developer Fully Ramblomatic
System PC (Windows 9x/Me/XP)
Sub-Genre Classical
View 3rd-Person Perspective
Theme Point & Click, Horror, Futuristic
Where to Get! Homepage or Here [ 1,174 kilobytes ]
Current Rating [ 3.2 ] from [ 14 ] votes -  
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7 Days a Skeptic is a futuristic sequel to 5 Days a Stranger created by Ben Croshaw, which he recommends to play after playing the first one. The sequel is set in outer space nearly four hundred years after the DeFoe Manor Incident. Warp technology has been invented, which is mapping the universe one light year at a time and the mankind has moved from the planet Earth. The game starts aboard Mephistopheles, a small aging scouting craft controlled by a 6-person crew, assigned to map out the Caracus galaxy. During the process, the ship finds an unknown floating artifact, an ancient metal locker with the name “DeFoe” engraved on it, in the deep space. Ignoring the advice from the Federation to leave it for a research vessel, the captain brings it aboard and opens it to find nothing in it or is there anything in it?

7 Days a Skeptic has similar type of graphics found in 7 Days a Stranger. Music is great and sound-effects are mostly taken from Half-Life games. The controls are slightly overhauled to give better performance. Overall, it’s a nice game to play and in case, you appreciate it then don’t forget to donate a couple of dollars to encourage the creator to do more games for us hungry adventure gamers.

Reviewed by GraveDigger on 5th April, 2005

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